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Beyond Seven Studded Condoms

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Regular price £4.99
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Beyond Seven’s studded condoms maximise pleasure and enhance sensation for both partners. Combining ultra-thin Sheerlon latex with sensuous ribs and dots to excite and stimulate, these condoms will heighten the sexual experience for both of you. One of the thinnest condoms available on the market today, wearing one is as close as you can get to the feeling of going condom-free. However, these studded condoms offer a little bit extra too with blue-tinted textured Sheerlon latex which will take intercourse to the next level.

And of course, all this pleasure comes hand-in-hand with safety and reliability. Created by Okamoto, Japan’s leading condom manufacturer, each condom is individually tested using advanced technology to ensure it meets extremely high standards.

Balancing texture and sensation with strength and softness, these lightly-lubricated condoms are the perfect choice for those looking to add another level of excitement to the bedroom. Order from Funky Condom now and your condoms will be delivered using plain packaging to protect your privacy.

All condoms expire 2-5 years from date of purchase.

    •    LENGTH: 185mm
    •    WIDTH: 53mm
    •    MATERIAL: Latex
    •    BRAND: Beyond Seven
    •    COLOUR: Clear
    •    TEXTURE: Studded
    •    LUBRICATED: Yes
    •    THICKNESS: 0.06mm
    •    RESERVOIR TIP: Yes