EXS Delay Condoms

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Regular price £4.99
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Some things in life are better when you take your time. EXS Climax Delay condoms are specially formulated to extend your lovemaking and prolong the excitement so the earth really will move for both of you.

Ribbed and dotted for her pleasure, these textured latex condoms also come with a 7% benzocaine cream on the inside. This cream will temporarily lower the sensitivity of your penis so you can enjoy sex for longer before reaching a climax. By combining ribs and dots with this special climax control ingredient, EXS have created the perfect recipe for satisfying lovemaking and mutual enjoyment.

These textured latex condoms come lightly lubricated on the outside. But it is worth noting that in some cases they may need additional lubrication, applied once the condom has been put on so it does not interfere with the climax delay formula.

All condoms expire 2-5 years from date of purchase.

•    LENGTH: 190mm
•    WIDTH: 54mm
•    MATERIAL: Latex
•    TEXTURE: Ribbed & Dotted & 7% Benzocaine 
•    THICKNESS: 0.07mm