EXS Extra Safe Condoms

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Regular price £4.99
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If safety is your top priority when it comes to sex, these condoms will give you the exceptional levels of protection you’re looking for. EXS Extra Safe condoms have been created with your health and wellbeing in mind.

With a thickness of 0.08mm, the latex is slightly thicker than standard condoms for extra durability and strength. This means you can make love with confidence that your sexual health is in safe hands. EXS Extra Safe condoms have been cleverly designed to give you extra reassurance without reducing your pleasure.

The special flared tip is comfortable to wear and stimulating for your partner but it also minimises the risk of the condom splitting during intercourse. The close-fitting design means the condom will deliver a natural and highly pleasurable experience.

EXS Extra Safe condoms hold both the European CE Mark and the British Standard Kite Mark to show they have been tested to the very highest standards.

Expiry 2-5 years from date of purchase.

•    LENGTH: 190mm
•    WIDTH: 54mm
•    MATERIAL: Latex
•    TEXTURE: Smooth
•    THICKNESS: 0.08mm