EXS Regular Condoms

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Regular price £4.99
Regular price Sale price £4.99
These condoms may be regular but the experience they deliver is far from standard. The biggest selling EXS condoms on the market, these comfy fit condoms come with a unique flared tip which makes them a dream to wear as well as being stimulating for your partner.

With an easy-on design and no annoying smell or taste, these high quality latex condoms offer excellent value for money. A highly affordable option, they don’t compromise on either pleasure or safety. They offer powerful levels of protection and are thoroughly safety tested to an extremely high standard using the very latest German technology.

EXS uses only the highest grade latex to use its condoms, which have been created to maximise safety and prevent sexually-transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. The flared tip minimises the risk of the condom breaking during intercourse.

Expiry 2-5 years from date of purchase.

•    LENGTH: 190mm
•    WIDTH: 54mm
•    MATERIAL: Latex
•    TEXTURE: Smooth
•    THICKNESS: 0.070mm