EXS Snug Small Condoms

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Regular price £4.99
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These condoms are the closest fitting in the EXS range. Their snug fit makes them ideal for those who require a smaller size but they are also a great way of prolonging the sexual experience. As they feel tighter than normal condoms, they can reduce sensitivity and delay ejaculation, giving you longer to enjoy your partner and increase your chances of reaching a climax together.

With a length of 180mm (seven inches) and a width of 49mm, these condoms will feel snug but also comfortable. They are easy to put on and offer a reassuring feeling of natural closeness. Made from thin natural latex with a silicone lubricant, these condoms are unflavoured and odour-free so you can concentrate on the things which are most important – achieving pleasure. They offer extremely high levels of protection and have been thoroughly safety tested using cutting edge German technology.

All condoms expire 2-5 years from date of purchase.

    •    LENGTH: 180mm
    •    WIDTH: 49mm
    •    MATERIAL: Latex
    •    BRAND: EXS
    •    TEXTURE: Smooth
    •    LUBRICATED: Yes
    •    THICKNESS: 0.07mm
    •    RESERVOIR TIP: Yes