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Pasante Naturelle Condoms

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Fantastic sex should be the most natural thing in the world. With Pasante Naturelle condoms, intercourse will feel just as nature intended. Made with super-soft latex which follows your body’s contours, these condoms are so comfortable they will feel like they are a part of you.

Pasante Naturelle condoms come with a pouched tip which moves gently inside your partner during sex, increasing stimulation and heightening pleasure. At the base, the condom is an average of 53mm in width, rising to 66mm at the tip. And with a thickness of 0.65mm, they are slightly thinner than many standard condoms so you will fully experience every sensation.

Manufactured by Pasante, a popular UK condom brand and the number one supplier to the NHS, you can trust Naturelle condoms to give you the level of protection you need and deserve. They are electronically tested for safety and hold both the British Kitemark and CE mark.

All condoms expire 2-5 years from date of purchase.

    •    LENGTH: 190mm
    •    WIDTH: 54mm
    •    MATERIAL: Latex
    •    BRAND: Pasante
    •    FLAVOUR: No
    •    COLOUR:  Clear
    •    TEXTURE: Smooth
    •    LUBRICATED: Yes
    •    THICKNESS: 0.06mm
    •    RESERVOIR TIP: Yes